At Unique Care Community Services, we work with you to understand your needs, assemble and implement a plan of action, evaluate effectiveness, and ensure that your valued outcomes are achieved.

We currently provide the following solutions for individuals of all ages:

Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC)
MSC is a Medicaid State Plan service provided by the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD). Using a personalized planning approach, we work to develop an Individualized Support Plan (ISP) with the individual and their circle of support, ensuring access to the appropriate services and support needed.
Most importantly, the individual determines his or her own personal and valued outcomes, and the achievement of those outcomes is our joint key to success. Throughout we’ll be monitoring progress and evaluating the effectiveness of the approach. And, as circumstances change or issues arise, we are flexible enough to change course.

In order to receive MSC, a person must:

  • Be enrolled in Medicaid
  • Have a documented diagnosis of developmental disability
  • Demonstrate need for ongoing and comprehensive service coordination
  • Elect to receive MSC, or have consent given on behalf by an authorized individual
  • Live outside of an Intermediate Care Facility, Developmental Center, Psychiatric Hospital, Nursing Facility or hospital, or other Medicaid funded setting that provides service coordination
  • UCCS can assist new enrollees

Community Habilitation
Designed for individuals who live at home and who would benefit from specialized training, the focus is on the enhancement of daily living activities, independent living skills, communication, socialization, and community awareness skills to help the individual gain the necessary skills to live comfortably and productively in their community.

Day Habilitation
Regardless of living situation, and focused on areas that foster an individual’s personal growth, we help develop the individuals vocational and daily living skills, enhance social and communication abilities, and provide them with goal-oriented activities. Participants will see an increase in independence, productivity, and an understanding of interpersonal relationships through participation in program activities and community events.

Activities Include:

  • Academic Skill Development
  • Behavioral Management Counseling
  • Community Trips
  • Computer Skill Development
  • Cooking, Cleaning, and other Independent Living Skill Development
  • Music
  • Physical Fitness
  • Travel Training
  • Work/Volunteer Training

We provide temporary relief from everyday demands for the primary caregiver, helping to reduce overall family stress and improve the quality of life for the entire household. It gives caregivers time to accomplish necessary tasks, such as grocery or clothes shopping, and to attend to other responsibilities. Respite service provide a safe and healthy environment for an individual during the day, evening, or on weekends, within or outside of the home.