Marie Saintelmy
Board Chair

Marie has over 15 years’ experience in the social services industry and has held various positions at organizations that provide services to the developmentally disabled population. She has worked tirelessly to ensure that organizations’ programmatic operations are safe and in compliance with City, State and Federal regulations. Marie earned a Master of Public Health from Des Moines University Osteopathic Medical Center. Bachelor of Science in Human Services from Boricua College Private University and an Associate of Applied Science in Liberal Arts from Kingsborough Community College .

Lynique Ross-Floyd
Board Co-Chair

Lynique is an educator with a diverse background in the public-school system. Over the past 20 years, she has held positions as an educator to the general population as well as the special education population. Ms. Floyd also serves as a coordinator for various events in the school. Lynique holds two Master's of Education degrees in the disciplines of Reading , General Education and Special Education from Touro College; she also holds Master’s degrees in the discipline of Administration and Supervision from Brooklyn College.

McKendry Alestin

McKendy currently works for Camba as a Care Coordinator. He works collaboratively with a group of professionals supporting individuals with special needs by providing advocacy. Mckendy advocates for patients in various areas of needs providing referrals and linkage services to resolve crisis ,evaluate medical and physical conditions, housing support, legal aid, and job placement. McKendy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration Management from Berkeley College and an Associate degree in Applied Science in Liberal Arts from Kingsborough College.

Nicholas Wedderburn

Nicholas graduated from 811K in Brooklyn New York and currently attends Unique Care Community Services Day Habilitation Program from Monday to Friday. Nicholas's entrepreneurial spirit has managed to allow him to start a snack business. Nicholas is a great humanitarian and spends most of his days out in the community volunteering at various food pantries. He also supports the agencies by being an active board member.

Samantha Dawkins

Graduating from Lincoln University in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in Health Science then a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Seaton Hall in 2010. Dr. Dawkins has worked with the elderly population in a skilled long-term care nursing facility providing Physical Therapy services for the past five years. Throughout her professional career she has also provided services in outpatient, acute care, and pediatric settings. She has a humorous personality and enjoys being an inspiration to many.

Lisa Coleman - Richardson

Lisa obtained a B.A. from Baruch College with a major in mathematics and computer science information systems. She also has a Masters Degree from Long Island University with a major in School Counseling . Lisa worked as a middle school teacher until becoming a Guidance Counselor. She is a passionate advocate for the social and emotional needs of children.